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When planning to go for a family trip, vacation or a short business, there is definitely the need to know and calculate in advance how best to carry your luggage and make it fit in one bag. The main goal mostly is to carry light but still pack as many things as you would possibly need.

Get yourself a Samsonite silhouette sphere 2 soft side 21-inch spinner. This bag will help you kill two birds with one stone. It is stylish, lightweight and can fit your entire luggage in just one bag.

For people who travel extensively, this can come in handy and is among the most preferred bags in the market. The wheels can roll over uneven surfaces and this is a plus for you since its common knowledge that it’s not all smooth on the way and you need something that will cater for the rough places. Aside from that, it is very durable and easy to use. You will have a smooth time operating it which is both impressive and amazing.


  • Made from 100% Nylon
  • Four multi-directional split spherical spinner  wheels
  • ​Stands up to the rigors of frequent business travel
  • ​Zipper closure 
    Fits in the overhead compartment on planes
  • ​Rubberized, textured corner protection
  • ​Water resistant coating

It also has side rear handles to enable you to pull it out of the overhead bin, regardless of how you had positioned it initially. It is easy to maneuver and can pack thing for days. It is expandable just in case you need to pick up some few things on your way that you didn’t have before. This carry-on is superb and convenient for you.

Product Description

The features in this bag are on point and they make this bag incredible and attractive. There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to bags. They have been modified in ways that will make traveling easier. The Samsonite silhouette sphere 2 21 has not failed to deliver on that, its features are; 

It is 100% tri-core nylon with a water resistant coating 

It has four multi-directional spherical spinner wheels for ease of mobility. The split design in its wheels is perfect because it ensures more stability while maneuvering the bag and also provides a larger surface where you can move the bag. This means it can roll over uneven terrain, in parking lots and pretty much everywhere with so much ease. It also rolls upright so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder. 

It has a fully featured interior with plastic interior pockets for your toiletries. 

It has a gel padded push button locking handle and is textured TPR coated. This provides an extremely comfortable grip. 

In addition to the carrying handle, it also has three other handles, one on the bottom the other on the top and another on one side. This comes in handy should you need to carry it up a flight of stairs or when you remove it from the overhead storage or the back of your truck. It is highly recommended because these three handles make it easy to carry. 

It has a unique construction on the handle which has been cut from the main body of the bag as opposed to being sewn or tacked into the bag. This construction makes it hard for the handle to rip off easily. 

It has textured and rubberized corners that offer extra protection guard against wear and tear. The rubberized piping runs around the contours of the bag to solely protect it against any wear and tear in high contact points 

Its weight: 8.5 lbs. 

It is expandable- the cases expand for more packing capacity. The expandable zipper adds 1.5 inches more to the width but this only applies to specific parts of the bag. 

It has a Tri-fold removable suiter that provides added protection for business attire. 

It has fully-featured interiors with WetPak™ the modesty pockets are designed specifically to increase organization. It also has wide mesh construction straps that hold everything in place. 

It has a classy and very stylish carry-on look to it 

Body Dimensions: 21.0″ by 15.0″ by 8.0″ 

The overall Dimensions are 23.0″ by 15.0″ by 9.0″ 


This carry-on is suitable because it is easy to carry- the four wheels that are multi-directional make it incredibly easy. It rolls upright thus ensuring that there is no weight on your arms or shoulders. The good wheel performance makes it easy to maneuver. 

Durable- the bag is really well constructed with tri-core nylon which is very durable. It is one of the most durable and well-constructed bags in the market so far. It has a long lasting tread. 

High quality-the quality of this carry-on bag is undeniably good. It is made of very good materials that ultimately reflect the quality. 

Easy to access items- the interior pockets have been designed to help with organization. The straps to help maintain things in their original position and therefore it is easy to access items because of the pockets. 

Good capacity- the capacity is perfect and can fit your needed items. It is also a plus because it is expandable meaning you can add some things on your way. 

Great grip- the handles feel comfortable and sturdy and thus a great grip ultimately 

This carry-on is stylish and classy and comes in perfect colors that are very likable and appealing.

The bag is lightweight making it effortless to carry 

Well-constructed; everything about this bag is well constructed and this enables it to avoid wear and tear for a long time. 


Some people feel like the bag has too wide dimensions. 

It can be a little tippy especially when a laptop is loaded in the front pocket 



This carry-on sphere has the perfect combination of features. With the four wheels, it is easy to maneuver as it is very mobile. It has this classy look that will get you looking fancy and all eyes will be on you. It is loaded with unique features and is not overpriced. 

The bag can take you to vacations on the beach and also real quick to business trips as it can act both ends which are ideal and appealing. Also, the bag is elegant and comes in all the colors you would probably want. This stylish bag is a breeze to transport through airports; this is due to its four wheel design. Purchasing this bag is definitely an investment you’ll be glad you made.


samsonite silhouette sphere 2 review
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