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A perfect carry-on bag for people who do not want a weighty luggage


​This expandable luggage has combined the demand for lightweight, perfect size and durability in one package. It has been designed for the ultimate traveler that needs to pack all the essentials, as much as possible as well as fit their case into the overhead bins of an airplane. Be able to move about as easily as they can and access their belongings too as quickly as possible if need be. The Samsonite lift2 spinner luggage makes it possible for the traveler to fit in most of what he or she wants for their trip and still manage to carry their luggage easily without straining.


  • lightweight design only 6.5 pounds
  • durable
  • expandable
  • Four quality multi-directional wheels for high mobility
  • new redesign pull handle
  • fully aligned interior

If you are looking for a lightweight carry-on spinner the new Samsonite Lift 2 it's the one you are looking for. This great new case it's all about lightweight.

The pull up handle its a two stage locking handle, so it pulls up and locks in multiple different positions.

The front panel has two nice pockets one little for last minute items and a larger zipped pocket for a bigger item like magazines, newspapers which you want to be accessible why you are on the plane.

This luggage's also expandable, the expandable zipper its tag with a fabric material, so you know that's the zipper that opens the expandable compartment, and you get more than 1.5 inches of packing capacity.

The case also has a top, side and bottom integrated handles so if you needed to loading in-out of the car make's it very easy to maneuver.

The wheels, of course, are four-wheel spinners, so it's easy to move around the luggage and ensure a very smooth rolling.

This case is extremely light with only 6.5 pounds, but there is a hard-side case that weights more.

The case also has a top, side and bottom integrated handles so if you needed to loading in-out of the car make's it very easy to maneuver.

The main feature of the lift2 rolling carry on spinner it's the deep of the body of the case making it a real roomy case with lot of space to pack and you have the compression straps at the bottom to keep your clothes organized

The Samsonite liftwo spinner luggage has a low pricing attached to its tag. This means it is very affordable. It exists in a variation of colors black being the most bought one.

It has been constructed using the nylon material which cuts it's off on its durability. The nylon, however, makes it possible for the lightweight characteristic to be presented. Apart from the nylon, a full lining has been incorporated that balances out the issues of durability together with the zipper closures.

Zipper closures are unbreakable and interlock which ensures the security of your belongings.

It weights lightly but has an excellent capacity; it is spacious and roomy enough to pack as much as is needed.

It's built with smooth rolling spinner wheels that give a 360- degree mobility and ability to move around hallways and terminals with your luggage quickly.

There is an ultralight pull handle which is lockable for security purposes. It is also flexible in its heights and can be adjusted to suit all your needs. The handle has been made from durable material thus wiping away the worries of its destruction

Samsonite liftwo spinner luggage has a fully aligned interior with a divided compartment that is zipped. This makes organization of items very easy. The presence of tie-down straps keeps your clothes in position, preventing them from toppling over. There is an interior zipper pocket that could be used for storing small items such as socks.

The exterior is made of a very durable material that is resistant to high impacts. The outer shell has an incredible shine to it that makes it scratch resistant.


It presents the most lightweight luggage there is. Lifting is not a problem when using the Samsonite liftwo spinner luggage, and you will not suffer from back pain

It has plenty of organizing features that keep your stuff in a good position. The compartments help in organization and the tie down straps are more than an additional advantage.

The Samsonite liftwo spinner luggage has been constructed with durable material that will last the consumer.

It is very easy to access the contents of the luggage

The spinner wheels enhance mobility for the user and the luggage. It is easy to drag along


Some of the cases have broken zippers that can easily fall off or lose their pulls.

It is not expandable as much as it should be.

There is no way to fit in extras when the bag gets full.


Finding a luggage bag that has all combinations you desire can be a very tricky.

Samsonite liftwo spinner luggage has a desirable compilation of features that makes it attractive to any traveler; the one going on a trip, the one headed for a business conference or the one packing up for a family vacation.

It combines the elements of style and durability, size, and lightweight, security and mobility all in one

Samsonite lift2 21 spinner is a good choice for a traveler, and it is pretty much affordable. Regarding value for your money, you are assured of high quality. According to your tastes and preference, you are allowed to choose from a wide array of colors..

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