Samsonite DK3 Spinner 21 Review

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Traveling can be quite the task sometimes especially if over long distances. To fit everything, you need in one bag is almost impossible and the whole concept of traveling light seems like an ideal concept to be nibbled at but never actually attainable. Finding a suitable carry-on bag that takes in everything and at the same time relieves your muscles of the body sounds like an impossible mission to many people. The Samsonite spinner orange zest has been designed to show you that the convenience and comfortability you so desire is not as unattainable as you think it to be. It has been constructed to make your traveling more fun and easier.

The Samsonite spinner orange zest has a combination of stylish and convenient features that will blow your mind. The DK3 orange zest from Samsonite can be used for both business and casual purposes. The collection has been built with great materials and weight that is bearable for any size or person.


  • ​Super sturdy ​telescoping locking pull handle
  • Four multi-directional spinner  wheels
  • ​Carry handles are on the bottom, side, and top for easy moving
  • Fits in the overhead compartment of planes
    Fits in the overhead compartment on planes
  • ​Two zippered front pockets and zippered side pocket
  • Expandable

To start with it has a sporty feel to it which is mostly attributed to its spinner wheels.The bag is very much durable owing to the nylon material used in its crafting. It is also four wheeled meaning its mobility and maneuverability abilities are out of the question. The bag has been made with multiple pockets fitted with zippers that allow for smooth and proper organization of items. The bag’s suiter is removable which gives it a larger storage space for all your items. It is a light weight collection making it easy to carry and move around with. It can also be used as a carry –on when on board on a flight.

Product Description

The material used in the making of this bag is nylon. It combines the elements of both functionality and style to suit the customer for either business or leisure purposes. It has been made specifically to be resistant towards abrasions, tears, punctures or moisture. Its spinner wheels are designed to look trendy and sporty. They are also well distributed to create a balance and mobility for the bag over hard or soft surfaces. Below are some product features that keep the Samsonite spinner orange zest attractive to the travelers’ world.

It has long, and full zipper pulls that ensure flawless closure when opening the bag. The zipper pulls are also self-mending.

It has long, and full zipper pulls that ensure flawless closure when opening the bag. The zipper pulls are also self-mending.

The presence of bottom, top and side carry handles makes it easy to move around in areas that do not advocate for dragging it along. For example, on staircases.

Interlocking main zippered partitions. This carry-on has organized pockets and compartments that hold personal effects and accessories. They come in handy for efficient organization of your belongings.

New finish on pull handle with new lower weight makes it easy to reach to and drag through without bending, i.e., efficiently.

Smooth rolling wheels for easy mobility and maneuvering around as you travel.

Fully lined interior with tie-down straps that hold your clothing together prevent them from toppling over and keep them from creasing.

Exterior pockets that store additional items or souvenirs.

Assured durability because of the materials involved in the making of the bag.

Removable suiter that enables one to create more space for their items.


Affordability- it has a fair price range that is favorable to the buyers.

Durability- The material used in the making of the bag makes it robust and resistant to factors that would otherwise destroy its functionality. This ensures durability.

Mobility- The sporty spinner wheels make it easy to move around as well as the push handle that allows convenient dragging of the case.

Storage space- it has a wide storage space with a removable suiter that allows you to fit in more and more items.

Flexible and expandable to add last minute items or possible souvenirs from a trip.

Lockable zippers give the confidence of security of all your belonging.

Organization of items is effortless because of the pockets and compartments interiorly and externally.

Accessibility of items is easy and fast because of the pockets and the readily available zippers.

It is easy to identify. The color and all its other unique features set it out and make it easy to get to.

Handles make it easy to carry the back and lift it to the trunk of a car or up a staircase. They are also adequately padded for comfortability.

It is lightweight making it easy to carry, to lift and to drag along.

The grip that prevents it from sliding off when carrying.

The Samsonite spinner orange zest is of high quality and very much stylish.


The zippers can easily come off and spill the contents of your luggage.

Heavy for some people



The Samsonite spinner orange zest is a great combination of lightness in weight, construction, fashion and style, durability and can make a fantastic traveling companion without any worries or disturbances. Its large capacity is good enough with all the organizational features that come with it. You do not have to think about carrying an iron box as its tie-down straps have you covered.

You do not have to worry about carrying too many items and subsequently another set of bags as there is enough storage space for everything you may need. You do not have to worry about staining or spotting your clothes with your lotion because there are compartments that will help you set each item where you feel it should be. You do not have to worry about money because Samsonite did a fair price ranging for you that is the ultimate value for money goal. Lastly, you do not have to worry about changing bags to be in line with a different trip. This is because the design of this bag allows you to use it on any occasion. It is always appropriate. This, Samsonite spinner orange zest, is the one solution for you.


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