Best Carry​ ​On Tote for International Travel 201​9

​Whether you’re flying out to attend an important conference, or you’re just going to visit friends abroad, having the best carry​ on tote is crucial.

It can make your trip a whole lot easier by giving you access to your laptop and allowing you to go through the security effortlessly. Some of them even have built-in charging stations that can keep your battery charged throughout your trip.

​Basically, your carry​ on tote will be your traveling companion for years to come, so when choosing one, you have to make a careful choice.

You want something that will allow you to store all of your essentials, look attractive and help you travel care-free without thinking about international carry​ on standards.

​In order to help you with your choice, here is a short list of best carry​ on ​tote for 201​9.

Picking the Best Carry​ on Tote for International Travel

1. Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 Rolling Tote

​We’re going to start things off with this Travelpro model from the Maxlite3 ultra-light collection that was originally introduced back in 2014.

This 12-piece tote comes with the Travelpro-patented Contour Grip, has a unique expansion design, plus has a custom full-bottom tray that allows it to stay stable.

When you look at all the features and packing options Travelpro Maxlite3 Rolling Tote provides, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s one of the cheaper options on our list.

Furthermore, the tote has secure, crash-proof wheel housing and molded guards on the corners, which ensure that you’ll be able to use the tote for years to come.

And the wheels are not a joke either: the high-performance wheels are built for high-mileage travel, and as the manufacturer claims, they are tested to the same standards as the wheels on more high-class totes.

The wheels are replaceable as well, so if you have any problems, you can simply order a new pair from the company.

The expanding handle is amazingly sturdy since it’s made of Airline-grade aluminum. Lastly, we have to talk about the space – this Travelpro model has a 28-liter capacity.

Now, this may be too little for some travelers out there, and we can actually point this out to the bag’s biggest disadvantage.

All things considered, you can’t really complain about the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 Rolling Tote, since you’ll get a high-quality tote bag at a small price.

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    ​The price is great considering the quality of the bag

  • check

    ​The manufacturer has a great reputation in the industry

  • check

    ​You get a limited lifetime warranty on each tote bag


  • ​The size may be a bit limited for some people out there

  • ​The expanding handle may be too short for taller people

  • ​The design leaves a lot to be desired

2. Baggallini Carryon Rolling Travel Tote

​Right out the gate, we should talk about the mobility this tote bag gives – Baggallini Carryon has incredibly smooth wheels, which allow it to move effortlessly no matter the path.

It also has a handy strap that allows you to hold it while you’re getting down the stairs while exiting the plane.

The handle is elegantly designed and feels rather comfortable in your hand. Although this tote bag is a bit wider than others on the list, you can still easily carry it around the airport.

The manufacturers of this tote bag know that there’s nothing more annoying than a bag that keeps falling down. Therefore, they’ve made sure that none of their customers have any problems with their bag.

The Baggallini always stands at a right angle, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally kicking it when you want to move.

The pockets are also pretty practical, and the bag gives you a lot of space to pack your belongings.

For some consumers, this may seem like a “feminine” tote bag at first; however, once you see it in person, you realize that it suits both males and females.

The design makes the bag great if you like something that you can share with your partner. You can use the bag for a quick weekend getaway, but if you’re a light packer, you can easily fit a week’s worth of shirts and pants into it.

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  • check

    ​The handle is sturdy and perfect for people of all sizes

  • check

    ​The strap holds everything in place inside the bag

  • check

    ​It works great for both long flights and short road trips 


  • ​It may be too wide and impractical for some travelers

  • ​The expanding handle can be hard to pull up at times

  • ​The main compartment is a bit smaller than other compartments

3. Delsey Luggage Helium Sky Trolley Tote

​Equipped with a number of internal and external pockets that allow you to organize your belongings properly, this bag is perfect for a modern traveler on the go.

Let’s talk about the quality of the bag first, since we think that it’s one of Delsey’s biggest pros.

This particular bag is made of extremely durable ballistic nylon that allows your belongings to stay safe, regardless of the weather outside.

Moreover, the telescoping handle allows you to navigate through the airport with one free hand. You also have a handy grab-handle on the side of the bag that makes lifting into the overhead compartment basically effortless.

You also have neat corner protectors that will eliminate any possible wear and tear. So if you’re looking for a bag that will last you a few years, you’ve definitely found your pick here.

If you have any medical problems, and you have difficulties carrying heavy items around without help, this bag will allow you to take a huge amount of clothing, toiletries, and other essential items on every trip.

The main compartment has two tie-down straps that will keep larger items in place.

In addition, you also have a wet pocket, a laptop compartment inside and two zipper pockets in the front for small essentials like your documents and your mobile device.

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based on​ ​​​69 reviews


  • check

    ​It’s made of durable materials for long-lasting use

  • check

    ​ A number of practical pockets both in and out of the bag

  • check

    ​ Fits underneath the seat of almost every airline in the United States


  • ​When the handle extends the bag may fall down

  • ​The handle also won’t stay collapsed when you want to shorten it

  • ​ The zippers lack quality and may break after a year of use

4. Travelpro Crew 10 Rolling Tote Suitcase

​Once again, we have a Travelpro model on our list – and for a good reason. The company is well-known for their quality and the Crew 10 line is no different.

Most travelers praise it for its durability. It’s made of durable nylon and has a nice Dura-Guard coating.

In essence, the bag could take a good beating and still function great. The fabric is also waterproof and stain-resistible, which makes it great for people who travel with their children often.

However, one of the main features of Travelpro Crew 1 is the magnetic wheels that help the luggage role in a straight line. You’ll notice the magnetic effect while pulling the bag around the airport, however, the force is not overpowering and it won’t affect you too much.

When you turn the bag, the wheels rotate quickly. This feature prevents the wobble that usually comes from the bumps on the ground.

It has more than a few well-placed exterior pockets, which make it easy to stay organized on the move. The two pockets in the front are perfect for your documents, or anything you want to reach quickly.

The larger pocket is big enough to keep your laptop or tablet tucked in. And the ID tag has an exterior pouch that makes tracking picture perfect.

The expansion feature is also great since the bag expands from the bottom to reduce tipping.

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based on​ ​​​59 reviews


  • check

    ​The bag has self-aligning magnetic wheels that make navigation seamless

  • check

    ​The design is very professional, and for the price, the bag looks great

  • check

    ​Both the interior and the exterior are easy to organize


  • ​Some travelers have problems with the handlebar mechanism

  • ​The material is not too flexible, so you can’t overstuff the bag

  • ​The handle is a bit stiff and will take a few months to loosen up

5. Nicole Lee Cheri Rolling Business Tote

​If you love vintage-looking bags, we have a surprise for you.

This Nicole Lee tote comes in a variety of vintage prints and designs and offers a unique look that can be used for both casual, short-distance and international travel.

It’s made of faux-leather and has a pretty distinct design with two top handles, a telescoping handle, and smooth wheels, which make it easy to maneuver.

It’s well put-together, the wheels are pretty solid, not flimsy, and they allow you to move around with ease.

The spacey main compartment has a fully-lined interior that features a small zipper pocket for your valuables, smartphone and other small accessories you want to keep safe inside.

Also, you have a padded laptop compartment, which has a Velcro strap that will keep your device in place while you’re carrying or pulling the bag through the airport.

The only problem with this compartment is that it’s too small for larger laptops. If you have a 15-inch model, it will work perfectly, but anything bigger will cause problems.

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based on​ ​​11​9 reviews


  • check

    ​It comes in a wide variety of different styles and colors

  • check

    ​It has a padded laptop compartment with a useful Velcro strap

  • check

    ​The handle extends up to 25 inches from the top of your body


  • ​The main opening is too small for a bigger laptop to fit in

  • ​The tote may be too difficult to zip after a few months of use

  • ​ Due to its design, it’s only attractive to female travelers

​6. Olympia Nursing Images Rolling Carry-All Tote

​In the last spot, we have the most cost-effective solution for people looking for a tote bag.

This Olympia tote bag is practically a steal, however; once again, we have a bag that’s geared more toward the female segment of the population.

But all of you ladies out there looking for something useful and stylish at the same time, you can’t really go wrong with the Olympia Nursing Tote Bag.

It has a ton of colorful medical symbols on the base, like scissors and band-aids.

The bag is perfect for medical students who plan to travel around the globe this year. During the semester, you can use the bag to carry your books around campus.

Then, during the summer break, you can use it to store your carry-on essentials. You can fit more than five larger books inside, and you’ll still have some room to spare.

Additionally, it has a few smaller compartments inside that are great for storing pencils and other small items inside.

The top of the bag zips and unzips quite easily, so you can access your small items in a matter of seconds.

All in all, this is a quality tote bag that doubles as a school bag.

The wheels work great, the material is endurable, and there’s plenty of room to cram all of your books or clothes in there, depending on the season.

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based on​ ​17 reviews


  • check

    ​Has a modern design, perfect for any student out there

  • check

    ​ Works perfectly during the school year and during the summer break

  • check

    ​The high-quality rollers and handle make it easy to pull around


  • ​It has just one large are inside, not practical for different items

  • ​It also doesn’t have any pockets outside so you’ll have to place your documents somewhere else

​The Bottom Line

​If you didn’t buy a carry-on for a few years, all of the new features we mentioned above will definitely leave you speechless. All of these tote bags have their advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is all up to you.

​Of course, we have to warn you, when picking the best carry-on tote for international travel; you have to think about your choice as carefully as possible. For instance, going for a little additional room can backfire when you’re at the gate.

​However, we can guarantee that any of these bags will allow you to access any item you want and quickly pass through security without having to open your entire luggage piece in the terminal.

​Good luck with your selection and we hope your next trip will be easier because of it.

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