Best Carry On Luggage 201​9 - Buyer's Guide

Are you struggling to find the best carry on luggage for all your 201​9 travels?

Do you want to invest in high-quality luggage that will last through the year? 

Then, you came to the right place.

​We have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that this article will be more than 5000 words long. However, the good news is that you will, no doubt, find what you are looking for. Stay tuned for all the information you might need.

​​Well, finding a Good carry-on luggage isn’t an easy task.

​​That is why we have created a list of Best Carry-On Luggage 201​9 that will allow you to easily navigate,I have shortlisted the top 10 carry-ons which you can buy right now.

Best Carry On Luggage 201​9

1. Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22" Exp Rollaboard Suiter

If you want durability and a sleek design, then this Travelpro bag could be your next carry-on luggage.

It is a new model in the Platinum Magna 2 collection, and it offers a lot more than you might think. Packed with multiple features, this luggage gives you all the functionality you might need, without looking bulky

Whether you are traveling for a few days or just for the weekend, Travelpro Platinum Magna Rollaboard Suiter fits all your needs. It also comes in a few earthy-toned shades, so you can rest assured it will match all your travel outfits.

Travelpro used ballistic nylon to make this bag, and that is a big plus in our books. Ballistic nylon offers high durability, and it is denser than other fabric. That way, there is a rather slim chance that this luggage will rip apart anytime soon.

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22" Exp Rollaboard Suiter review

Furthermore, it comes with high-quality zippers that allow you to tug all you want without damaging them. The wheels on this model are high performance too. The bag comes with sealed ball-bearing skate wheels that just glide through the airport without screeching or wobbling.

There is also an aluminum handle you can adjust to various heights. To top it all off, the sophisticated design makes it a fantastic business carry-on as well, and there are leather handles too.

As far as the interior goes, a light colored lining covers both lids, and there are pockets for just about anything. This model also comes with a suiter for wrinkle-free traveling. And, when you need more flexibility, you can expand the bag for up to 2 inches.


  • check
    ​It is a fantastic choice for frequent travelers that need to carry a suit as well. The suiter allows you to fold your outfits flawlessly, so you can rest assured that you will not have to search frantically for an iron when you arrive.
  • check
    ​There is a zipped pocket in the front, perfect for storing newspaper, books, magazines or last-minute buys at the airport.
  • check
    ​It is a lightweight model, and it still offers a lot of packing space. Since it is a soft carry-on luggage, there is room to squeeze more stuff inside.
  • check

    It is easy to maneuver it through the airport, and there are also little feet in the front, so the bag will not tip over.


  • ​It comes in a rather dull range of colors. There are only black, green, navy and red shades available.
  • ​This bag might be pushing the limits when it comes to carry-on luggage sizing. Make sure to accurately measure it in the store, or check a few resources online to get the right dimensions.
  • The manufacturer has sewn in all the additions inside, so you cannot take them out, even if you are not using them.

​2. Briggs & Riley Baseli​​​​​ne International Carry-On

Briggs & Riley are a famous brand that many world travelers choose over and over again. And, that is not surprising. The quality of their bags is well-known, and their designs are almost impeccable.

This model is a rolling carry-on that you can expand even further to customize the fit and enhance the flexibility. Because the size is so convenient, you can use this bag for either flying around the country or travel abroad.

Wherever you go, you can quickly pack your must-haves and still have a bit more room left, thanks to the pockets in the front.

While it may look a bit bulky, that is just how the manufacturer wanted it. The short, yet wide design allows you to pack optimally without having to sacrifice some of the ‘’not sure if I need it’’ items.

There is always room to fit something extra because this too is a soft fabric carry-on luggage. Furthermore, Briggs & Riley used CX technology that allows you to expand the bag up to 34%. Not bad, right? And the best part about it? You can then pack, and decrease the size again so that it fits comfortably in the overhead compartment.

Briggs & Riley Baseli​​​​​ne International Carry-On review

The outer fabric is ballistic nylon, so moisture cannot harm it, and you can rest assured that it will not get dirty fast.

There is also a built-in suiter for your shirts and business attire, and compression panels to keep everything from moving around. 

What’s great about this bag is that it holds its shape well, and if you fold your clothes correctly, it can fit a lot of stuff. The rectangular form allows you to use maximum space, and there are protective corner guards on every side. That way, even if you are the clumsiest person at the airport, the bag will stay in fantastic shape for a long time.

This is a two-wheeler, so even though there will not be any spinning around, it glides comfortably on almost every surface. In addition to that, the handle is aluminum, and you can adjust it to four different heights.


  • check

    It fits in the overhead compartment on most international and domestic flights, so it is a winner if you are fearful you might have to check it in.

  • check

    Even though it might be a pricier option, the quality you are getting is worth it.

  • check

    The compression technology is superb because you get more space out of it, but it still follows the airline guidelines.

  • check

    The wheels and the handle are sturdy enough to handle any tugging and pulling.


  • It comes in only two colors - black and brown, so you are quite limited when it comes to style.

  • This bag is an expensive investment, so it might not be the right choice for travelers on a budget.

  • Bear in mind that this bag is wider than the rest, so checking the airline guidelines is a must before you purchase it.

3. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley​​​​

Hard-shell carry-on luggage comes in various designs, and this Delsey model is no exception.

There are eight colors to choose from, and they are as vibrant as you would want your luggage to be. There are many factors why this may be a good thing. 

First of all, what are the chances that someone at the airport might have the same colored bag? And second - it is a fantastic way to stand out in a crowd.

Delsey used 100% polycarbonate to manufacture this bag, and there are high-quality zippers to make sure the contents stay nice and secure. The polycarbonate makes it quite lightweight and sturdy, so even tossing it around would not damage it that much.

But, tossing around is for check-in bags, and this luggage has dimensions most airlines accept in the overhead compartment. This bag offers some expansion as well, up to two inches, and it comes in handy especially when you are returning from your holiday.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley​​​​ review

The best part about this carry-on is the interior. There is a front compartment that comes with a padded sleeve where you can store your laptop, and there are also mesh pockets for other accessories. It will fit most laptop sizes, but make sure to check beforehand.

The interior compartments are fully lined and in a classic gray color. The inside is not too dark, so you will not have any problems finding your smaller items. In addition to that, there are also web straps and a divider which help you keep your wardrobe wrinkle-free.

Furthermore, this is a spinner bag, so if you are expecting your arms to hurt afterward - it will not happen. It is effortless to maneuver it around the airport without pulling it at all, and the comfortable handle allows you to have a firm grip.

The handle is also adjustable - it locks into two positions so that taller travelers can use it too. 


  • check

    It offers a fantastic and vibrant design for both men and women.

  • check

    Comes with a strong and sturdy handle that does not wobble too much.

  • check

    The outer compartment is accessible from the outside, so all your must-haves are within a hand’s reach.

  • check

    It is a stable bag, whether you are rolling it on an incline or a flat surface.


  • Bear in mind that the front section takes away from the clothing section, so you cannot overpack it.

  • The bag can get scratched fast if you are not careful.

​​​4. Travel Ki​​​​ng Mu​lti-​Size All Aluminum Hard Shell Luggage Case Carry On Spinner Suitcase​​​​

Even though this Travel King luggage comes in only three shades (silver, gray, and gold), it still offers a lot of variety. The manufacturer chose colors that can complement each outfit, so whichever you prefer, you will not make a mistake.

This bag is 100% aluminum, so there is a strength guaranty that it will serve you well throughout the years.

Not only is it durable, but it is also waterproof. Have you ever found yourself in the pouring rain in an unknown country, just watching your soft fabric luggage soaking up the water? That will not happen with this carry-on. The construction is quite sturdy, and your belongings will stay safe and dry every time you bring it with you.

Travel Ki​​​​ng Mu​lti-​Size All Aluminum Hard Shell Luggage Case Carry On Spinner Suitcase​​​​ review

Whether it is a weekend trip or a business arrangement - this bag has got you covered. A little over 21 inches, it sits comfortably under your seat or in the overhead compartment. Furthermore, it is a lightweight bag, weighing only 9.7 lbs, so there is room to fill it up with your necessities.

Travel King made sure that the interior is also waterproof, so moisture will not seep in into the lining. You also have a travel organizer inside, and there are straps to secure your clothes in space. Also, there is a zippered pocket on one side of the bag for other smaller items you may bring along with you at the last minute.

While the design is beautiful, the best part is the TSA approved lock. There are no zippers that may malfunction while you are rolling the bag to the hotel. The lock keeps all your stuff secure, and luckily, it comes with instructions as well.

Lastly, the spinner wheels help you to maneuver it in crowds and smaller planes easily. However, it will not weigh you down on rough surfaces - it will just keep rolling. The handle is top-notch as well - it locks in three positions, so there is some versatility for taller adventurers.


  • check

    You do not have to think about faulty zippers anymore - the lock secures everything, and you are the only one with the code.

  • check

    The all-aluminum designs offer far more durability than plastic or soft fabric bags.

  • check

    The wheels are high-quality and quiet. You will never feel embarrassed again because you might be making too much noise.

  • check

    The design is neutral enough for everyone, but it still looks fancy enough to get you noticed.


  • It is quite small, so it might not be the best choice for international flights.

  • Just like with any hard-shell luggage, you have to be careful when using it. Otherwise, it might get a few scratches and dents now and then.

5.Merax Flieks Aluminium Frame Luggage TSA Approved Suitcase

For all our neutral lovers out there, the Merax carry-on luggage might be your next best purchase ever.

This luxuriously made hard-shell bag offer durability and strength because of the aluminum frame. The PC+ABS shell can take a hit, so you can rest assured that it will last you even through the roughest airports.

It comes with a TSA approved lock as well, so your belongings, clothes, and laptop will stay secure wherever you go. However, bear in mind that there is no key, so remember your code or write it down somewhere.

The interior of this carry-on is fully lined, and there are multiple pockets for just about anything. It is easy enough to pack clothes inside, as well as accessories and other smaller items.

Merax Flieks Aluminium Frame Luggage TSA Approved Suitcase review

Furthermore, the multifunctional organization space offers more security and protection to your stuff while traveling.

This carry-on luggage is not noisy at all, and there is an adjustable telescopic handle for tall travelers as well. It locks in three different heights, and that guarantees you maximum comfort and no arm pain.

There is enough space inside to pack everything you might need but bear in mind the dimensions. The height is just about twenty inches high, so it should fit all overhead compartments in most airlines. Still, it is best to check before you spend your hard-earned money.

You can buy this luggage in a few colors, mostly gray, white, silver and black shades. It might not seem like much, but those colors match most outfits perfectly. And, because it is hard-shell, dirt will not show up that easily on it.

It comes with four solid wheels for smooth rolling and spinning, and there is a top handle as well for effortless movement.

The best part is that this suitcase comes with a three-year warranty, so it is a valuable buy if you travel regularly.


  • check

    Comes with four aluminum bumpers in each corner, so bumping into tight spaces will not necessarily do it any harm.

  • check

    It looks small, but there is enough space for everything. The rectangular shape allows you to fill every corner with clothes and accessories.

  • check

    The lock on it is secure and safe, so you do not have to worry about someone opening it up at the airport.

  • check

    The handle is strong, and it does not jam easily. 


  • It is a combination of polycarbonate and ABS, so it might not be the most reliable hard-shell luggage in the market.

  • May feel a bit cheap because the manufacturer did not use enough aluminum to reinforce it even further.

​6. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner​​​​

Brand names are not as important as the quality, but Samsonite is a firm favorite among world-class travelers. This carry-on luggage is no different when it comes to the popularity.

It comes in thirteen vibrant colors, perfectly curated for all those who love to travel in style and get noticed. There are blues and greens, purples and reds, but it also comes in neutral shades as well.

This model is one of those hard-shell carry-ons that comes with a zipper closure. However, the zippers are sturdy, and you cannot break them that easily. 

Made of 100% Polycarbonate, this is a strong carry-on luggage that can endure bumps and scratches. Sure, it might be best not to try to damage it, but the micro-diamond texture is there to prevent any mishaps.

It is a lightweight spinner with four wheels that offer maximum gliding power and mobility. The interior is also fantastically designed. There is a divider and cross straps which allow you to pack more clothes and secure them in place. And, if you need even more space, there are expansions for added capacity.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20-Inch Spinner​​​​ review

Speaking of security, this carry-on also comes with a TSA compatible lock system, so there are no worries there. 

The design of the hard-shell is also attractive. It is not entirely ribbed like most carry-ons, and there is less unevenness on it. It might not seem much at first, but the smoothness of the shell allows you to roll it through tight spots without scratches.

The dimensions fit most airline overhead compartments, but you should always check the guidelines before traveling with it. However, it is small enough for most uses, and the rectangular shape allows you to pack every time optimally.

​If you want to find out more you can read the full review here

If you want to find out more you can read the full review here


  • check

    The design is smart enough to serve on business travels, but it is not too fancy for holidays.

  • check

    It is incredibly lightweight, meaning there will be more space to pack clothes, books, and accessories.

  • check

    The color range is fantastic - the shades are not dull at all, and they complement your travel clothes perfectly.


  • It does not come with a side handle, so the top handle is the only way you can roll it around.

  • The lock is TSA approved, but other countries may not have the necessary tools to open it. Remember to put an easily remember code on it. Otherwise, you might not get through security control.

  • The wheels might not be the best quality, and there are not integrated into the design. They might break off if you are too rough with this carry-on.

7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20" 4 Wheel

If you are looking for a lightweight hard-shell modern carry-on, this Kenneth Cole suitcase might spark your interest.

The manufacturer used 95% ABS to make this luggage, and there is an additional 5% of hardware on it. However, when empty, it weighs only about six pounds, so there is more flexibility when it comes to packing.

The shape is oval, in contrast to other carry-ons. Even though you might not use every corner of it, the design is not too complicated, so rolling it through tight spaces should be a breeze.

It is a four-wheeler that spins smoothly and offers 360-degree movement. Also, the wheels are made for rough surfaces as well, so you do not have to carry it over uneven pavement.

 Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20" 4 Wheel review

But, you could carry it in your hand as well because there is a comfortable top handle for more comfortable movement. There are also corner guards that enhance its durability, and they also absorb and deflect shock, so it is quite resistant.

It stays upright even if it is full of clothes, and the retractable trolley handle locks in place, so there should be no wobbling.

This carry-on luggage comes in ten different, yet colorful shades - perfect for any traveler, whether it is a business trip or a holiday. In addition to that, the dimensions are just right, and it fits comfortably in most overhead compartments.


  • check

    It is one of the most lightweight models on the market, so if you are an organized packer, you will not have any trouble going through security with it.

  • check

    You can pack on both sides of the suitcase, and there are straps and separators that keep your belongings in place.

  • check

    It looks tiny on the outside, but the shape allows you to pack an unbelievable amount of clothing and accessories.

  • check

    This carry-on is a fantastic budget-friendly option for low-cost travelers that prefer spending their money on other travel-related things.


  • Some parts of the interior are glued, not sewn, so there is a chance that it might rip over time.

  • It is a budget-friendly suitcase, and even though that does not speak of its quality, you are probably not getting the best one on the market.

  • The zipper is not that great either, and many users complain that it broke quickly after purchasing this carry-on.

  • ban
    ​The handle might lose some screws after multiple uses, so do not expect it to last forever.

8. Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner

Samsonite appears once more on our list, this time with a modern, yet quite stylish carry-on travel bag.

Why Winfield 2 and not 3 you may ask?

​That's because Samsonite need to fix some issues with Winfield 3

E.G.: Peeling paint case

E.G.: Peeling paint case

Again, they used 100% polycarbonate to make it, so you can expect long-term durability for many years to come. Furthermore, there is a zipper closure that connects both halves, and there is fabric lining on the inside.

You can pack on both sides of this suitcase. Straps secure the bottom half items in place, while you can fully zip up the clothing organizer on the top and your wardrobe will not spill out.

This carry-on is a bit heavier than the previous one. It weighs almost eight pounds, but it is still lightweight enough to provide excellent packing. The handle is also comfortable and lightweight, and it locks in place.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner review

The best part of this model is the design. It features a sort of a brushed pattern that looks like scratches. Therefore, even if you actually scratch your suitcase, the chances are that no one would notice - not even you.

For all those fearful travelers, there is a TSA approved lock as well, and only you and the TSA agent can open this bag. 

To top it all off, this carry-on comes with a ten-year warranty - a generous amount of time to travel the world comfortably.


  • check

    The design is smart and sharp-looking, so you can use this carry-on for just about any trip you want.

  • check

    You will not get to see any scratches because of the pattern, and you can quickly clean the suitcase with a damp cloth or a glass cleaner.

  • check

    If you are an organized packer, you can comfortably fit a week's worth of clothing inside.

  • check

    It is not the most expensive piece of luggage on the market, and it is a good buy if you are looking for fantastic structure.


  • It is not expandable. The pictures online might suggest otherwise, so be careful if you are looking for more flexibility when packing.

  • This carry-on is a magnet for dirt, so you would have to clean it regularly.

  • The zippers can stop working because the manufacturer sewed them onto a low-quality fabric.

  • ban
    ​The handle looks worse for wear after few uses - you can easily bend it if you are not careful.

9. Tumi Alpha 2 4 Wheeled Expandable International Carry-On

Even though this Tumi soft-shell carry-on is not the cheapest one, the price reflects its value correctly.

This sturdy design comes in black only, and the 100% ballistic nylon the manufacturer used offers a lot of durability and strength. If you are looking to maximize your packing space, then you will love the pockets on this bag.

There are two zippered pockets in the front, which allow you to pack even more essentials and keep them close to you at all times. Furthermore, one of the pockets is U-shaped, so soft material and last minute items fit comfortably inside.

This carry-on is twenty-two inches high, so you have to be careful when flying internationally. Make sure you do not overpack it and check the guidelines first before opting for this suitcase.

Tumi Alpha 2 4 Wheeled Expandable International Carry-On review

The black ballistic nylon will not get too dirty too fast, and you can just clean it with a damp cloth. There is a telescoping handle that locks into three positions as well, so the manufacturer thought of taller passengers as well.

In addition to that, the suitcase has four wheels that roll easily over both flat and rough surfaces.However, they are attached to the suitcase, so that might take away from the free space a little bit.

You can expand this bag for up to two inches, getting that much-needed flexibility and better stability. 

The zippers are interesting because Tumi used an Omega zipper puller that allows it to open without much force easily. It will break away from the carry-on if it gets caught in the material, so there will be no damage, and you only need to replace that part.

Finally, Tumi used a DuraFold construction method for the corner folds and further reinforcement. That way, you are getting maximum shock absorption - a must for crowded airports and travels in general.


  • check

    There is enough room to pack a week’s worth clothing, even if it involves suits and a pair of shoes.

  • check

    It is a long-lasting suitcase. The ballistic nylon is exceptionally durable, so traveling often will not be a problem anymore.

  • check

    The design is stylish, yet subtle so that you can use it for pretty much any travel arrangements.


  • Even though you can expand it, it still might be a tight fit if you tend to overpack.

  • The DuraFold corners can take a lot of hits, but it does not mean that they will look perfect forever.

  • There are not enough dividers inside for toiletries, so you would have to use separate bags to fit everything in.

10. Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage

Probably one of the best affordable carry on luggage on ​ the market ​in 2018​​​, this Rockland carry-on suitcase offers a classic design in multiple colors.

There are thirty-seven different designs, and not all of them come with the same hard-shell pattern. You can choose a ribbed model, or a wavy design, or even a combination of those two.

The price is low because it the manufacturer used 100% ABS to make it. Do not worry, though. It is still a durable carry-on if you take care of it correctly.

It is a smaller model, at only twenty inches high. While that may worry you, bear in mind that this means it would fit in almost every airline overhead compartment.

Because it is a plastic suitcase, there is more room for packing. It weighs only 7.5 lbs when emptied completely.

Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage review

The interior is the best part of this carry-on. There are multiple pockets inside. The main compartment has one smaller pocket for “easy to lose” items, and you can zip up the bottom half. Moreover, the top half is zipped all the way through, so it is perfect for clothing and shoes.

The handle comes with a push button for easier use, and it is sturdy enough to handle any tugging or pulling. The manufacturer used aluminum to make it, so it should not break off that easily.

However, you might not need to pull it at all, because this model comes with four multi-directional wheels. They allow you to roll the suitcase next to you and easily maneuver through airports.


  • check

    Multiple designs offer you more options when picking out your perfect carry-on luggage.

  • check

    Some of the models are expandable, and they would still fit the overhead compartments. However, always check the airline guidelines first, just to be sure.

  • check

    It is ultralight and perfect for weekend trips or week-long travels. Just remember not to over pack it to avoid additional charges at the airport.

  • check

    The shade range is incredible if you are fashion-conscious and you want vibrant colored luggage.


  • When it comes to dimensions, they are not consistent at all. Some of the designs are about eight inches deep, while others offer about ten inches of packing space.

  • Plastic is durable but not as durable as aluminum or ballistic nylon.

  • The shell itself is not thick enough, so anyone can easily rip it apart.

Carry-On Luggage Buyer's Guide

What is carry-on luggage?

If you are an avid traveler, this question might seem ridiculous to you. However, many people still do not know the difference between a carry-on luggage and their purse or laptop bag.

It is quite simple: a carry-on is a bag that you put in the overhead compartment. Typically, there is not much room there for every possible bag, so sizing is a factor you should seriously consider.

Meanwhile, some airlines allow you to carry a separate laptop bag with you, as well as your purse. Nevertheless, if you are boarding an aircraft, you would put your purse beneath your seat, and it should be safe there.

It does seem like a lot of weight, right? However, there might be a way to fix that problem with some simple packing methods and organization.

Carry-ons are a big thing nowadays because everyone wants to be as minimalistic as possible. That applies to packing as well.

You can pack about five outfits, maybe some shoes, and all the bits and bobs you might need during your travels. That way, you will save yourself a lot of money because you will not check a bigger luggage beforehand. And, best of all - a carry-on can double as a laptop bag as well if you are an extremely light packer.

Size and weight of carry-on luggage

Carry-on luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, and any old bag you have at home might do the trick. 

However, airlines have strict rules about how much you can carry with you on a plane. Depending on where you live, it usually cannot weigh more than 7 lbs, and the height should be about 22 inches.

Feeling nervous about packing yet? You shouldn’t be. Luckily for all of us, many manufacturers nowadays make perfectly sized carry-on bags that can fit all your necessities. You might even have some leftover space for unnecessary things you feel you might need during that week away.

So, if you got some time before you are off to see the world, research the airline guidelines for a bit. Bear in mind, though, that airlines can and will change their rules whenever they may please. Choosing the optimal size is then your best option.

Types of carry on bags

Now comes the fun part. Like we said earlier, any bag can be a carry-on if it fits the standards. But, there are things to consider when choosing the best one.

First of all, you have to think about where you would be traveling and for how long. If you mainly travel on the weekends, then maybe a carry-on duffle bag is your new best friend.

Duffle bags are what they usually used in the olden days before people decided they wanted more out of their luggage. However, it does not mean that they are a terrible choice. 

Manufacturers use soft materials to make them, and you can stuff a lot more clothes in them than you thought. Also, they are fantastic for airplanes, road trips, and weekend train rides, so you can bet you will get a lot of use out of them.

If, however, you are a world-class traveler that tends to hop from an airplane into another almost every week, then a regular carry-on is your perfect choice.

Companies make the standard carry-on luggage with aircrafts in mind, so the tag on it should say all you have to know about the dimensions. They come with a handle and wheels, so running around the airport is even easier.

Materials - plastic or fabric?

When picking out your perfect carry-on luggage, you have to consider how you will handle it in the future. It is not just the traveling part you should worry about. You should also think about how you will store the bag later on.

Luckily, there are only two choices out there, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let us begin with the standard, soft, fabric-made carry-on luggage. This kind of bag is a fantastic choice if you tend to overpack and bring your whole house with you.

It offers so much space - more than you could think of. Because the fabric is soft, you can easily squeeze in a few extra T-shirts and books. Another thing to consider is all the pockets you get when you buy this type of a bag.

Pockets are your best friend when you are traveling by plane. Not only will you have everything within a hand’s reach, but you also get additional storage. And, if you are like us, you can quickly use them to store something at the last minute.

However, if you are not that into neutral colors, then maybe hard-shell luggage might be more your thing.

Hard-shell or plastic suitcases are all the rage right now. They are quite compact, and they come in all these amazing designs. Flowers, world capitals, your signature even - you can find any design out there. You might also use it as extra storage when you are not traveling. They are fantastic for hiding stuff you might never wear again or other bags you never use.

Still, there are strong disadvantages when it comes to this type of a carry-on. Sure, they might be beautiful, but putting them away can be quite a hassle. You cannot fold them or squeeze them under your bed. Also, you definitely cannot overpack them, so if you were thinking of adding something at the last minute - forget about it.

To wheel or not to wheel

It is in the name - you can tote your carry-on luggage around. However, smart people thought of putting wheels on them, and now we have even more options. They can come with two wheels or four wheels. 

Two wheels, or rollers, are a favorite for urban folk who love walking and do not mind some cobblestones along the way. In addition to that, two wheels allow you to have more space to pack, and they are more stable, even on uneven surfaces.

Four wheelers, though, are a perfect choice for all of us who loved spinning shopping carts in the supermarkets. They turn all the way around, and you can also wheel them however you may please.

Grumpy cat in a no wheels luggage

They are also quite stable, but not so much on uneven boardwalks and inclines. You would have to lay them on their side, and they might get dirty fast that way. Also, bear in mind that four wheels also take up a lot of space and you might not even get to pack everything you wanted.

What you should be looking for​ when searching for the best carry-on luggage in 201​9:

There are some key features you should consider before deciding on your perfect carry-on luggage:

  • Soft-sided or hard-sided luggage. It depends on your preferences and how much space you have in your home. Also, remember the all-important pockets. They just might make a choice for you in the end.

  • Zippers. Whichever carry-on luggage you pick, it is a big mess if the zippers break mid-travel. Make sure you are investing in quality zippers that can handle all the tugging you might put them through.

  • Handles. It is vital that the luggage comes with a high-quality handle. Not only does it have to be comfortable to hold, but it should also be easy to use. You will be pulling it up and down, so you might as well invest in a bag with an aluminum handle.

  • Weight. Since many airlines expect you bring only about 15 lbs of carry-on luggage, it is crucial to pick out a lightweight bag. That way, you will still pack sufficiently and save some money because you won’t be checking in your luggage.

  • Quality. Do not buy just any bag you find and consider it “a steal” because there is a huge discount going on. You will use your carry-on luggage for years, maybe even decades, so it is a smart investment if you purchase a more expensive model.
  • Capacity. It is needless to say that the bag should be big enough for you to pack all your necessities. Be careful and read the airline guidelines before you buy one, though. There is nothing smart about buying an enormous bag that just might fit the overhead compartment. Bring a measuring tape to the store if you want to be sure that you are making the right choice.


Travelling with only a carry-on luggage is a daunting task for most of us. How will everything fit? What if your suit gets wrinkly? Is there enough room for a laptop as well?

Luckily, after thorough research, we can safely say that there are beautiful carry-on bags on the market nowadays. Whether you choose a soft or hard-shell luggage, there are high-quality options out there.

However, just like with any other purchase, you just have to do your research as well and find the one you would use the most. If you frequently go on holidays, a soft-shell bag might be the best choice for you. You just get more space out of it, and it will not break if you are too rough with it.

Still, traveling in style is a must for business individuals, so a metallic, beautifully colored spinner could be a valuable investment.

Budgeting is not a fantastic option when it comes to carry-on luggages. The low-quality ones break easily, and if you are a frequent flier, it makes sense to invest in a fantastic suitcase. It might seem costly now but just remember - quality beats quantity every time. It is always better to burn some cash now and then use the bag for many years, maybe even decades, to come.

I have shortlisted the top 10 carry-ons which you can buy right now.
Well, finding a “Good” carry-on luggage isn’t an easy task.