Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large Review

While travelling, have you ever wondered to yourself how incredible it would be to just have your bag next to you? Have you ever wished to get that magazine or sweater from your bag mid-flight without necessarily having to go through the trouble of looking for your bag somewhere else? Well, this Samsonite wheeled Underseater large has been designed to make that possible for you. More often than not, the overhead bins get full forcing you to check your bag in the hold. This is not only an inconvenience to you, but will also cost you extra charges that you probably didn’t plan for. Samsonite has finally addressed that fact and customers are now able to keep their carry-on bag with them. This enables them to access their stuff very easily mid-flight. This new wheeled bag is guaranteed to fit under your sit. Samsonite has two sizes, the small one and the large one. The width and the depth are the same. The only difference noted is the height. Both bags can fit under the sit in small planes but the larger one will jut out a bit. If you are okay with this fact and also need the extra packing space, then the large one is the perfect choice for you. It will give you a very comfortable trip and you will be able to access everything you need at any time. How cool could it get! It looks relatively small but it will pleasantly surprise you how much stuff it can carry.

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The carry-on has features that are unique and customized for you to have a wonderful time while travelling. These features are;

  • The main interior compartments have a zippered Wetpak that enables you to separate clothes. You may want to put dirty clothes and dump clothes away from the clean ones. This carry-on helps you do so.
  • The bag is made of a blend of polyester and nylon. This makes it both lightweight and makes it deliver superior endurance. The materials also give it a good pressure capacity which ensures that luggage stays safe inside the bag without being tampered with.
  • It has two sturdy handles which are provided at the top of the bag. This acts as an efficient short grip handle to carry the bag whenever the wheels cannot be used or when you prefer carrying it like that. The handle is made of very strong and durable materials ensuring that it will last for a time without ripping off.
  • It has side water bottle pockets- very essential because you may need to drink water once in a while. This this will make it easy and convenient for you to access water at any time.
  • It has smooth rolling in-line skate wheels. This ensures easy movements. It also has two front feet that prevent it from tipping over when stationary. This functions effectively when the bag is heavily loaded
  • It weighs 5.5 pounds when empty. This makes it to be extremely light weight.
  • It has a telescopic handle that locks in both the extracted and extended states and retracts into the bag through its own pocket. There is a sleeve on the back of the bag that enables you to slide over the telescopic handle to make it easy to wheel together.
  • It has two handles that join together when the bag is closed and this forms a comfortable handle grip if you want to lift and carry it.
  • The back interior of the wall has a wall of horizontal zippered pockets to organize small items.
  • The bag opens through a U-shaped zippered front flap that has a detachable 3-1-1 trifold pouch for your toiletries.
  • The bag has two zippers on the side which are deep. The pockets can be used to store long items like umbrellas. It has a front zipper organizer compartment that can hold gadgets, travel documents and even a tablet.
  • It has 3 years warranty


  • It is light weight as it only weighs seven pounds and 11 ounces. This makes it extremely easy to carry and you will have an easy time moving it.
  • It has been built with durable materials thus guaranteeing superior quality and long life for the bag.
  • It has multiple compartments which can be used to organize stuff such as toiletries and cosmetics. This will ensure that your stuff can be easily accessed when needed.
  • It is compact but it is also designed in a way that it has a lot of packing space.
  • It has many pockets and this is very convenient for you. Some are removable and some can be tucked out of the way if preferred.
  • The bag is stylish
  • It is easy to identify- this is due to its unique features and style.


  • It some cases it may not fit under the seat if the front zipper is heavily filled. The numerous pockets on the outside section make it too thick to fit when fully packed.
  • The retracting handle may be a bit too short for very tall people.
  • There is no dedicated compartment for your laptop since they can fit but are not really padded.


If you are a notorious over packer and need maximum space for your items then this is definitely a dream come true for you. The pockets, both the interior and the exterior ones are also perfect for you since they help with organization. This carry-on will do you a lot of justice when it comes to travelling. The fact that you can access your bag any time you want is incredible and convenient. Get this top carry-on bag if you are looking into having a wonderful time travelling as it will fit all your items. This bag can be used for family trips, long vacation and weekend trips. It will exceed all your expectations and will make you never want to change it for any other bag for a long time.

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