Samsonite silhouette sphere 2 hardside spinner 22 Review

In a traveller’s life, frequent globe trotters for that matter, we cannot have enough discussion on matters revolving around packing bags, suitcases or any other items used in packing items. Purchase of durable, good quality items ensures cost saving as one would not have to purchase a bag or suitcase every time he has to travel. Samsonite’s silhouette sphere hard side spinner just might be your worthy saviour. The silhouette harbours most of the crucial luggage characteristics that people are looking for currently. There is a wide range of desirable characters that make up the silhouette sphere hard side spinner. It has quality and durable material that works for travellers over the years. This looks out for your pockets; whether the economy booms or dips you are in good condition. It is an easy item to move around and more so lightweight making the mobility even easier. These are just but a few basic components that draw consumers towards this line of suitcases. The type of buyers that would be more appreciative of the silhouette are: those looking for good quality and affordable cases, those tired of low cost luggage that is not durable, those looking for a good looking bag with a range of colours and sizes and those looking for worthy durable gifts for a loved one.

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Product description.

The features made available to the buyer upon purchase of the Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner are listed below.

  • It has four spherical spinner wheels that are multi-directional making its mobility efficient.
  • The spinner rolls up perfectly upright to ensure there is no weight concentration on your arm and shoulder.
  • It comes in a variety of colours for choices to be made in accordance with tastes and preferences.
  • The push button locking handle has a perfect grip due to gel infused in it
  • It has a fully functional interior with a wetpack, a mesh and pockets for effective organisation. The wetpack easily fits your personal effects and ensures they do not fall due to pressure from the cabin in flights. This also keeps your clothes and electronics dry in the case of any shampoos in the wet pack.
  • There is a tri-fold removable suiter incorporated to give additional protection for your business attire.
  • The case is flexible in that it expands to allow additional packing capacity.
  • The presence of SamGuard coating and rugged tri-core nylon fabric makes it resistant to water and stains.
  • Samsonite put in a hidden ID tag that is tethered which enables you to have additional identity security for your luggage.
  • It is of affordable, pocket friendly price.
  • The Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner has a classic, sleek, updated and trendy appearance that appeals to both young and old people.

  • Flush- mounted travel sentry combination lock. It gives security confidence and an additional mental peace when checking belongings.



  • Durability-The Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner case has been constructed from polycarbonate material that gives it its durability quality. The polycarbonate material is a thermostatic one infamous for its strength on impact, stability and resistance to temperature.
  • Lightweight-It weighs lightly. Its weight can be managed by a person of any size without straining.
  • Size- The interior is large, spacious and roomy with countable mesh zip pockets and a wet pack pocket.
  • It has the ability to be used as a carry on and can fit in overhead bins as well as the trunk of a car. Its handles enable you to carry the bag comfortably too.
  • The silhouette is of good quality, made of tough materials. The wheels, zippers and the handle are of tough durable material that does not wear off easily.
  • It has wheels that are spherical and move around and in exceptional manner.
  • There are handles present (at the top, bottom and one side) are well placed and padded to enable you carry the bag in any way that pleases you when you are not wheeling it.
  • Its resistance to water and stains makes it desirable to travel in any weather condition.
  • Cost saving-the Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner is affordable as well as durable so cuts off the need to but a new bag every other travelling calendar.
  • Provides easy accessibility to items due to its compartments and pockets on the outside that allow proper organisation.
  • It is easy to carry as well as drag along and can be easily identified.
  • Security- The zippers are lockable thus ensuring your items are well protected.
  • It is stylish and trendy.


  • The bag can easily roll off on a sloped surface due to its multi directional wheels.
  • At times the handle sticks when heavy bag contents are pressing against the mechanism in the interior partitions.
  • The zippers and zipper seams are quite flimsy making them susceptible to ripping off.
  • It tips over easily if heavily loaded, especially in the front pocket.


There are a lot of choices at your disposal when it comes to luggage and packing. Your choices ranges from soft to hard sides and two or four wheeled. The silhouette sphere has its own uniquely versatile combined structures that make it your best choice overall.

If you are looking for something classy and trendy and at the same time affordable the Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner would work a great deal for you. It had very essential characteristics which are; durability, convenience and is movable, it is light weight enough for essentially any person. Its Mobility quotient is at a hundred percent range so you have nothing to worry about. The fact that you can carry it in any manner you deem fit is another plus to this line of products.

You can purchase it online or wherever you are comfortable doing your shopping. The carry on is a good fit for airline travel, for whatever trip, business or pleasure. It therefore does not limit you on the venture you may be plunging yourself into as it will still suit your style.

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