Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Spinner Boarding Bag Review


If you are planning to travel and you are looking for a bag that is compact, will fit all your items and at the same time make you look classy then the Samsonite silhouette sphere 2 softside spinner boarding is the bag for you. It performs ever so beautifully and glides effortlessly through the terminal. It has a compact yet spacious design which enables you to get onboard with everything you need. This boarding bag comes with a well-designed split spherical wheel that rolls independently on uneven surfaces. This bag will exceed you expectations and you will in one way or another get addicted to it. It is spacious, very easy to carry and it is exactly what you are looking for. This carry-on does not wear and tear easily and can be used for a long time while still looking new. The handle is very comfortable and has a great grip. This carry-on comes in handy when you are going for that family vacation or even a business trip and need something light but fancy.


This bag is rich of features and therefore highly recommended by people who have used it before. People are always interested in the details and the details on this carry-on do not disappoint at all. The features are as follows;

  • It has a rubberized and textured corner which solely guides and protects the bag against wear and tear at the most critical contact points. The critical points are where the bag gets the most impact while travelling. This makes it maintain its new look for a long time.
  • It has a large main compartment which provides easy access to contents in the bag. You can easily pack and unpack your items.
  • It has four multi-directional split spinner wheels that are spherical. This is to ensure mobility is made easier. It rolls upright and this ensures that there is no weight on your shoulder or arm- each half of the sphere is able to move independently in the opposite or same direction.
  • It has a removable organizer which keeps smaller items securely contained. This small organizer bag id for your personal items that you may need during the trip.
  • It also has a padded laptop compartment that can accommodate up to 15.6 laptop
  • It is textured TPR coated and is gel infused. The push button locking handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Made of Tri core nylon which is a really high quality material that also lasts very long.
  • It weighs 7.5lbs which make it light and easy to carry
  • It has a retractable handle which ensures easy maneuverability when pulled out of the case. When not in use it stores neatly inside
  • It is carry on sized- this means that it is designed to fit in most airlines compartments. It may however not be suitable for some airlines carry-on standards.
  • It has a capacity of 27.79 liters
  • Its Body Dimensions are 17.0″ by 14.0″ by 7.5″
  • It has Overall Dimensions of 18.5″ by 14.5″ by 9.5″


  • It is easy to carry- this is the main goal when getting a bag, in order for you to enjoy that weekend trip you’ve always wanted to go then this is the bag for you. You will carry it so effortlessly that you will barely notice you have any luggage on.
  • High quality- this bag is from nylon which is a high quality material. High quality makes the carry-on bag ideal and one is assured of it lasting for a long time.
  • Lightweight- yes, this is very important because you will walk through that airport like a boss and you will forget you are even carrying anything in the first place. Peoples goals normally when travelling is to travel effortlessly and this bag delivers on that.
  • Easy to access items- the main compartment is designed solely to make your items easy to access. You won’t go through a hard time trying to find something and this will save you time and be convenient for you whenever you need something.
  • Good capacity- as someone travelling most of the times you normally want to carry so many things, I mean there can never be enough of things you need; this bag is excellent because its capacity is really good and thus will enable you to carry many items.
  • It is stylish- if you are looking for something that is trendy and something that will draw attention then this is it for you. It will make you look chic and sophisticated.
  • It is durable- everyone needs something that can endure for a long time so that the cost of buying new bags is saved. This bag can be used for a long time and therefore very ideal for you.

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  • The bag can be a little front heavy- this happens especially when you are carrying a laptop. It can trip over and this may be frustration or embarrassing.
  • The bag is not expandable- this makes it rigid in that, you will not be able to fit extra stuff you buy along the way into this bag.
  • It is relatively heavy
  • There is no handle on the side of the bag- this can be inconveniencing as some people use this handle at certain times.


It is safe to say that this bag is terrific. It has a bunch of very intelligent features. This is a great and perfect bag for anyone who wants a compact bag that is also very easy to maneuver and has great capacity. The bag is very versatile and therefore you can take it on any kind of trip. The four wheels roll easily and it’s easy to transition from this to the two wheels. The many pockets come in handy and you even have one for personal stuff and toiletries. In short, this carry-on is one to die for and will give you the ultimate experience while travelling. The colors are superb and the bag is very comfortable while carrying. Having this bag will make you have the smoothest trip ever!

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