Mightlight Spinner 21 Review

We must admit that no thought sounds as absurd as that of carrying as many necessities as possible at the least weight imaginable. The normal law of packing for a trip or vacation or any other travelling purposes would state that the more you pack the greater the weight and the less you pack the less the weight. This would mean leaving behind some of the things you want to carry but don’t necessarily need. Samsonite has found a way to incorporate your needs and your wants into one bag and at the same time defy the laws of packing. This means that there’s a way, which is the Samsonite MIGHTlight spinner that allows you to pack the things you need without unwillingly leaving anything behind and at the same time not regretting it because the weight is as manageable as you could imagine it to be. The MIGHTlight spinner boasts of a frame that is sturdy and lightweight and at the same time spacious enough for all the concoctions needed for your travel. It has a sleek design that gives you the sophisticated look as you stride down the alleys of your travels. It is also the perfect size for weekend travel and airplane travel. Also you can offer it as a gift to your loved ones during whichever occasion that warrants a gift and they will be grateful entirely.

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Product description.

There are plenty of interior and exterior characteristics of the Sansonite MIGHTlight collection that appeal to the market and make it attractive. These are stated below.

  • MIGHTlight spinners have an injection pan frame that is uniquely designed to make it light in terms of its weight and at the same time sturdy.
  • These specially designed spinners are made of nylon that is very strong and a coating of SamGuard which is resistant to water and stains. You do not have to worry if you are caught up in a storm as the contents of your luggage are well secured. The nylon gives it a sleek and impressively edgy look.
  • Samsonite creatively incorporated four multi-dimensional wheels to their MIGHTLIGHT spinner. The wheels move in a 360-degree dimension enabling you manoeuvre your luggage in whatever direction you would love to. Together with your choice of direction of movement is the ease on which to move. The wheels make your work easier.
  • The four wheels at the base have a good enough wide distance between them that provide a steady base on which to stand on when not in motion.
  • The spinner comes with comfortable, padded carry handles for ease and comfortability when picking the suitcase or carrying it. The pull handle, to be used when wheeling the suitcase is also padded thus avoiding friction while pulling the bag along with you.
  • Samsonite designed zippers for the MIGHTlight spinners to enable access to and closure of items into the bag. The zippers are also lockable for the sake of security to your belongings.
  • The carry-on has an expandable zipper at the side to give you more packing space if need be.
  • The interior has a mesh pocket that is zippered and a wet pocket for organizing the items for your travel. There is an elastic mesh pocket that allows you put in smaller things. compression straps on the inside are used to secure or hold your items intact and prevent shifting positions as you travel. This also help prevent or reduce wrinkling of your clothes.

Prossamsonite-mightlight-spinner-21 shine handle

  • Balances and can stand upright on its own. The four wheels at the base are adequately distanced to allow the spinner stand and balance on its own.
  • Lockable zippers provide for security of luggage. The zippers can be locked using a padlock.
  • Lightweight: the MIGHTlight spinner is super light therefore increasing its convenience to its users.
  • It is expandable and flexible. The zipper on the side allows for expanding the suitcase to fit in more items.
  • It turns very easily to whichever direction one may choose thanks to its four dimensional 360-degree wheels. The wheels also ease mobility
  • It has well fitted pockets that can be used for paper work and other delicate belongings.
  • The material used in the design (SamGuard coating) is water resistant reducing the worries of being caught in the rains. It is also stain resistant.
  • It is produced in variety of sizes, some that can be used as carry-ons all in accordance with customers’ taste and preference.
  • It is durable and long lasting. It is not easy to tear and can be used over a considerably long period of time.
  • Its price is pocket friendly.
  • Easy to identify.it stands out from other existing bags.
  • Easy to access items without disorganising the whole luggage.


  • The zipper can easily rip off if packed past capacity
  • The wheels can easily break off when used on rough terrains and mishandled.
  • Wears out after long periods of time.
  • Can easily roll over because of its wheels.


A proper and positive state of mind is very crucial for the enjoyment of any travelling expedition. We cannot downplay the importance of your personal confidence when getting the groove on with your journey. Samsonite is more than happy to chip in and rescue you with their MIGHTlight spinner collection. This set of bags will give you confidence on the security of your luggage, the availability of your necessities as you can pack as much as you need, your mobility and ability to manoeuvre around and the confidence that your delicate items such as laptops are not in a position to break. It will give you that simple, sleek yet sophisticated look that will further boost your confidence.

It doesn’t get any better than a price that is affordable and a wide variety of sizes to choose from. Looking at the product description should be a good enough booster for you to delve in and experience what it is like. You could also buy it as a gift to someone, totally worth it. It is within your price range, do not hesitate go ahead and purchase.

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