Samsonite andante wheeled duffel review


Packing is a very tricky and trippy subject to touch on when going on a trip, travelling or moving about in any form of adventure. Everyone is looking for convenience and comfortability when travelling and this is not in terms of sitting position whatsoever. This is in relation to flexible luggage that can serve as a carry on. It is a safe to say that salvation has come your way through the Samsonite andante wheeled duffel. It is your ultimate best friend in this wary time of need, need for convenience and comfortability and packing perfection. This duffel is roomy meaning you can pack all the things you deem necessary for your trip. It is at the same time small enough to be accepted as a carry -on luggage, this factor is particularly important when taking a flight. It has a perfect fit for the overhead bin in the flight and just in case there isn’t room enough you can squeeze it in. the Samsonite andante wheeled duffel is not hard sided; this makes it easy for you to squeeze as much as you can until it fits. See how convenient this is for you. The other explicit desirable factor on this bag is its wheels. I think they speak for themselves, they roll out their own importance in your journey. This carry on is totally worth the purchase.


Product description

  • This bag is lightweight to the extreme ends. It weighs at only 5.1 pounds. This is good news for your back as it shall not be strained while lifting neither shall your hands tire or any other body parts involved.
  • It is made from polyester which is expandable material you can therefore squeeze in as many clothes as it can possibly saturate from. It’s lining is made of nylon.
  • It is a duffel bag and it is wheeled with two skates that roll very easily making it easier for you to move about and look sophisticated also. However, because it is two skated, it is impossible to pull the bag upright. The chances of it toppling over are of a high percentage.
  • There are multiple pockets in the Samsonite andante wheeled duffel. This is great for proper organisation of your luggage. Different compartments can carry different things and keep you as organised as possible during your trip. For example, make up kit for ladies, your underwear and business files for business trips all in their own separate pockets. Imagine how easy it would be to pull out the things you need when you need them without dismantling the whole bag.
  • A pull handle has been designed for easy movement and it comes with a locking mechanism to cater for your security. Apart from the pull handle that is to be used when wheeling the duffel, there are carry handles, one on the top for when the bag is standing upright and one on the front side.
  • The duffel is fitted with zippers, one on the side section and the other that allows access to the main compartment. The zipper closures are easy to open and close and are as durable as can be.
  • It comes in variety of sizes to be bought as per preferences and tastes of the customer. There is also variation of colour. It should be noted that each of the andante bags come in two colours combinations, that is, black-grey, black-red, black- crimson or black-charcoal.
  • The bag has a smooth looking design that gives it a classy, fashionable and sophisticated edge. This makes it undoubtingly stunning and too attractive a piece to pass by.


  • It is very spacious and roomy allowing you to pack as many things as possible that meet your needs. You do not have to compromise because of lack of space.
  • It is not hard sided making it possible to squeeze into compartments that are not accommodative enough.
  • It is perfect for a carry-on bag. It is accepted on flights as a carry on, you are therefore assured of no problems with flight crews.
  • It is lightweight and easy to pull through, thanks to the presence of wheels at the base.
  • It has handles at the top and middle which are convenient when not rolling the bag.
  • It has enough compartments making it easier for organisation of luggage.
  • It is flexible in size and available in variety of colours.
  • It is cheap and pocket friendly therefore cost saving for the buyers.
  • Secure enough with its locking mechanism on the pull handle.
  • Easy to pack and unpack. The compartments are of great help in this process.
  • Great for both long and short trips.


  • Faulty zipper upon saturation. When filled to the brim, the possibility of the zipper ripping off are very high. This may lead to spilling of the contents of the duffel.
  • Tips off easily due to its two wheels. When the luggage is full, the bag cannot balance on its own. It falls over when put in an upright position.
  • The polyester material used in the making of the bag tears easily especially when subjected to frequent use.
  • It has no shoulder straps. It therefore cannot be used as a backpack. It can only be carried using the top or side handles or subsequently wheeled.


The pros of the Samsonite andante duffel bag give it a crispy attractive edge that is irresistible to say the least. Do not be dismayed by the cons as they are problems that can be dealt with. If you want to talk about class, quality, quantity, value for money and convenience in one package, point unto this carry on. It is the ultimate package that encompasses all you could possibly desire on matters packing and travelling. Its biggest advantages are its lightness in weight, flexibility in size, pocket friendliness and the wheels. Do not pull back on having the amazing experience Samsonite is presenting to you. Go ahead and gift yourself the andante duffel bag.

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